Afterschool Program

Little Tree Montessori International School is a bilingual English-Chinese school established in 2004. We follow the principle of “growing in love and learning with fun,” and continually strive for high standards in the quality of our curriculums, facilities, and staff.

Our afterschool program is open for children from kindergarten to 6th grade. Our program provides Chinese language class that helps children learn to listen, speak, read, and write in Mandarin.

Our program also focuses on English and math daily practice. English focus on vocabulary, grammar, and reading and comprehension areas. Math focus on foundation and problem-solving skills.


  • 使用全美使用率最高“馬立平”中文課本。在中文教學中,堅持“實用性”的教學目的,學以致用,讓語言起到交流工具的作用。
  • 每周系統的英文和數學練習不但為孩子的學習打下堅實的基礎,也提高了學生們的應試能力。
  • 提供安全、舒適、明亮及寬敞的教學環境和户外遊樂設施,讓學生們的身心得到均衡發展。

Pricing and Hours

*Deposit (non-transferable, refundable with a 30-day written notice of withdrawal)     $500

*Registration (non-refundable, non-transferable)                                               $100

*Material Fee (non-refundable, non-transferable)                                                 $50

**Four Weeks Tuition (includes snacks)


Grade / Section 12-6pm 2:30-
Book Fee
TK / K $590 $520 $35
1st ~ 5th $520 $65
Staff Learning Days (per day) $38 $55


***Transportation Fees                                                                  $140~$300

Recess Daycare (per day)                                                                             $80

Daycare Lunch (per day)                                                                               $6

(* due before session starts)

(** due on the first day of each 4-week session, a late fee of $25 will be charged after the 5th day)

***Transportation Fees (The outside coordinator in charge of transportation. The fees depend on the millage and number of students who take the ride.)

(****10% discount for siblings(cannot be combined with other discounts)


Tuition: Parents and guardians are still required to submit tuition for holidays. See the Little Tree Montessori International School Holiday for dates.

Absences: parents are expected to call the School if a child is unable to attend class. There are no refunds for those missed days and no make-up classes.

Illnesses: if your child becomes sick at the School, parents will be notified immediately and are expected to pick-up their child. If the School is unable to contact the parent(s), the School will contact the designated caretaker.

Withdraw: a written notice is required 30 days prior to the withdraw date. If a proper withdraw notice is not given to the school, the deposit will be forfeited. 

Late Pick Up: $1/minute will be charged after 6:30pm (cash only)

Referrals: if you refer a child to our Afterschool Program who later enrolls, we will give you a $30.00 gift card!

To register for the Afterschool Program,  Contact Us to schedule an appointment.